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Feed Yourself Well! (8pm ET)

Increase Your Intelligence around Food!

  • Started Jan 17
  • 50 US dollars
  • Online ZOOM

Service Description

Knowledge is Power! Most of us may have taken a nutrition class back in high school but probably nothing since then. Currently, we may learn about food and health from the internet or from talking to our friends/family, but are we really getting the whole story? Nutrition can be very confusing and it is ever-changing in it's discoveries but also in terms of what's good, what's bad, etc. Remember the days of fat-free everything? It was supposed to make us all skinnier....and it didn't? Currently, some diets are promoting eat as much bacon, cheese and fat as you want and it's supposed to make us healthier too....but is it? How are we supposed to know what it right or wrong...good or bad? As a holistic health coach, it has been my passion for 20 yrs, to help you increase your knowledge about whole food nutrition and to pay closer attention to how your current diet is working for you. To help you listen and learn from your body's responses and to make intelligent shifts that will continue to support you from a cellular level for life...not just for a short period of time. No more counting anything, no more tracking, no more "can't have", "shouldn't have" or "are not supposed to have" mentality. This will be FUN! 1. Food is made up of so much goodness that can LOAD UP our cells with nutrients to support optimal health! Do you know why some fats can be really good for you? Why fiber is necessary and that there are two different kinds? Why eating different colors of plants foods is critical to supporting our disease fighting mechanisms? 2. Whole, real foods supply us with the macro and micro nutrients that our body functions crave! If we are LACKING in some of these, we will CRAVE more junk. Wouldn't it feel great to not have regular cravings and feel fully satisfied after your meals? 3. Modern, convenience foods can actually TAKE AWAY or LEACH nutrients from our bodies because they are not in their whole, original form. Think apples without the skin, skim milk, enriched flour and of course anything made in a factory. Are you ready to increase your intelligence around food? Are you ready to learn the WHYS behind what is considered healthy food? And are you ready to learn how to approach good health through the food you feed yourselves every day? If so, hit the registration button! It's time to start LIVING VIBRANTLY with our food choices and find simple, convenient, enjoyable ways to incorporate them every step of the way!

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Zeeland, MI, USA

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